Silver Make-up Kit


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0.2 g of silver dust, 0.2 g of silver glitter and 0.2 g of silver petals in glass pots


Perfect for creative experimentation, the make-up kit contains 23kt silver dust, glitter and petals. The most versatile solution, conceived for anyone looking for a suitably handy format for illuminating the face, hair, body and nails with the exquisite sparkle of silver. Made from sheer silver leaf which is ground up, Beauty Gold dust, glitter and petals are entirely natural products. Apply directly onto skin to embellish it with splendid patterns of light.


Complete make-up by applying the selected silver format directly onto skin, using a small make-up brush or tweezers. Delicately remove with some cotton or a damp cloth.


Made in Italy in compliance with all Italian and European regulations, silver for make-up by Beauty Gold does not contain PEGs, silicones, parabens and microplastics; it is not tested on animals.

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