The properties of gold

How and why gold makes us beautiful

The properties of gold

Gold is used in make-up in virtue of its nature and properties.

It is an extremely malleable metal which means that it can be transformed into ultra-thin leaves, suitable for application onto skin without any discomfort or friction.

Gold is biologically inert, which is why it does not have any undesirable side effects on skin. It does not alter upon coming into contact with air, water and chemical agents such as acids (oxidants) and bases in aqueous solutions. This means it acts as a protective barrier against the oxidation of creams used in treatments.

Gold does not react with sulphur or selenium, making it suitable for use with cosmetic products which contain sulphur (like mud and spa water treatments) or selenium (very common in anti-wrinkle and anti-age creams).

The physical properties of this element play a decisive role in skin radiance: gold microcrystals reflect light, generating a surprisingly luminous effect for cosmetic products. This effect is referred to as “soft focus” and reduces the perception of wrinkles, just like in photography: all-over radiance and iridescence which enriches all make-up with surprising reflexes.

Piezoelectricity is another physical characteristic of gold; this means the element improves microcirculation, favours the drainage of liquids and regenerative skin tissue processes.