The benefits of cosmetic gold

How and why gold makes us beautiful

The benefits of cosmetic gold

How and why gold makes us beautiful

Properties and benefits of gold leaf for skin care


Safe, certified and easy to apply, gold is utilised in make-up by virtue of its nature and its properties.
Beauty Gold pure gold leaf acts as a barrier against oxidation and, when used in combination with the exclusive Rich Cream Base formulation, it has significant anti-ageing, tensor, brightening, nourishing and moisturising effects, confirmed by thorough laboratory testing.


Biologically inert and certified gold for cosmetic use does not cause any undesirable effects on the skin.


Gold leaf acts as a shield against oxidation. It significantly increases the anti-ageing, nourishing and brightening action of the creams used during beauty treatments


Reduced to very thin and almost impalpable leaves, cosmetic gold is applied to the skin without any discomfort or friction

Industrial Skin Care & Make-up


Gold is used in make-up by virtue of its nature and its properties.
Gold is biologically inert, which is why it does not have any undesirable side effects on skin. It remains unchanged when it comes into contact with air, water and chemical agents such as acids (oxidants) and water based creams. This means it acts as a protective barrier against the oxidation of creams used in treatments.
Gold does not react with sulphur or selenium, which mean it can be used for cosmetic products that contain sulphur (like mud and thermal spring water treatments) or selenium (very common in anti-wrinkle and anti-age creams).


The physical properties play a decisive role in the radiance of the skin. Gold microcrystals reflect light, generating a surprisingly luminous visual effect in cosmetic products.
This visual effect is referred to as “soft focus” and reduces the perception of wrinkles, just like in photography. It is all-over radiance and iridescence which enriches all make-up with surprising reflections.
Piezoelectricity is another physical characteristic of gold; in other words it improves microcirculation, favours the draining of liquids and a regenerative process within the skin tissue.

Beauty Gold is 100% Made in Italy

Produced in Florence in compliance with all National and European regulations,
it is guaranteed by Giusto Manetti Battiloro, a family company that has been working with metals since 1600 and is a true global ambassador when it comes to
authentic Tuscan manufacturing traditions.