The properties of gold

How and why gold makes us beautiful

Properties and benefits of gold leaf for skin care

How and why 24 karat gold makes us beautiful?

Safe, certified and easy to apply, gold has been used in cosmetics since ancient times by virtue of its nature and properties. From the period of the Egyptian pharaohs, right up to the Roman Empire, this metal has been renowned as an exclusive ally of beauty, a privilege accessible only to the wealthy upper classes. Today cosmetic gold is used for personal skin care as well as in the fashion, movie and retail industries.

Gold is good for the skin and is safe to use because of its unique qualities:

  • It is biologically inert and therefore does not cause any adverse skin reactions
  • It is not altered by exposure to air, water and chemical agents like acids (oxidants) and water-based solutions. For this reason, it acts as a protective barrier against the oxidation of creams used in treatments.
  • It does not react with sulfur or selenium and can therefore be used with cosmetic products that contain sulfur (like mud or thermal treatments) or selenium (widely used in anti-wrinkle and anti-aging creams).
  • Gold leaf acts as a shield against oxidation. It significantly increases the anti-ageing, nourishing and brightening action of the creams used during beauty treatments.
  • As it is an extremely malleable metal, it can be hammered into ultra-thin sheets that can be applied on the skin without causing any discomfort or friction.

Produced in Florence in compliance with all National and European regulations,
cosmetic gold is guaranteed by Giusto Manetti Battiloro, a family company that has been working with metals since 1600 and is a true global ambassador when it comes to authentic Tuscan manufacturing traditions.

What are the benefits of the gold face and body masks?

Beauty Gold pure gold leaf acts as a barrier against oxidation and, when used in combination with the exclusive RICH CREAM BASE formulation, it has significant anti-ageing, tensor, brightening, nourishing and moisturising effects, confirmed by thorough laboratory testing.

The beneficial properties of gold are due to the unique physical properties of the mineral.

What does 24k gold do for the skin?

It imparts a rich glow to the skin: gold microcrystals reflect the light to give skin an incredible luminous quality. This “soft focus” effect minimizes and blurs the appearance of wrinkles, like in photography, to create an all-over radiance that enriches any makeup with stunning reflections.

Gold also has a piezoelectric effect which means that it is able to:

  • Boost microcirculation
  • Promote the drainage of stagnant fluids
  • Stimulate the skin tissue regeneration processes.

How to apply 24k gold leaf to the skin?

It’s very easy: simply place in on the face or the parts of the body to be treated, press down lightly on the tissue-paper side to ensure that it adheres well, and then remove the paper layer. Gold leaf is available in a standard format and it can be cut into the required size with an ordinary pair of scissors.

Our skin expresses who we are. Pamper yourself with a precious moment or offer your clients a luxurious treatment with certified hypoallergenic gold products from Beauty Gold.

Our experts are available to provide quotes for large quantities of cosmetic gold and to customize the precious metal based on your production needs.


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