Beauty Gold Business: cosmetic gold

Cosmetic silver and gold in bulk for retail and industrial use

Beauty Gold Business is our wholesale line of cosmetic gold and silver sold in large quantities to retailers and industrial and artisanal producers of exclusive body care and beauty products. Cosmetic silver and gold can also be used by professional estheticians in specialized wellness centers or by stylists, hairdressers and body artists for their creations.

Beauty Gold Business genuine gold (23k and 24K) and pure silver are transformed into dust, glitter, petals and leaves and are natural, hypoallergenic and Made in Italy. The excellence of the raw materials is guaranteed by the long-standing tradition of the Manetti family, with 400 years of experience in the production of gold and silver leaf in Florence, in the certified factory of Giusto Manetti Battiloro.

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Purchase large quantities of cosmetic gold safely and securely

Versatility of use is ensured by a wide range of available formats, each one designed to best support specific manufacturing processes and application rituals. Upon request, some of the products can be customized to meet the needs of the supply chain.  We ship worldwide and our orders are insured and tracked from dispatch to delivery.

Our Beauty Gold experts are available to recommend the format that best suits the needs of your business and to provide you with a quote.



Sheer and impalpable

Perfect for adding an extraordinarily touch.



Bulk gold and silver glitter

Ideal for resplendent and vibrant touches of light



Bulk gold and silver flakes

The most suitable format for creating products that are veritable jewels.