Everything there is to know about cosmetic gold: composition, benefits, prices, uses.


Everything there is to know about cosmetic gold: composition, benefits, prices, uses.

Cosmetic gold

The most frequently asked questions


Absolutely not. For a cosmetic treatment, simply remove a sheet of gold leaf from the booklet, either cut into the size you need or pre-formed. Cover the area you will treat making sure that the gold leaf adheres completely. Delicately remove the tissue paper and leave it on for the suggested amount of time so that the cream can be fully absorbed. To remove it you can gently massage the area.

Without a doubt! Beauty Gold, gold for cosmetic use, is a completely natural product. It is made without the use of copper. A moist base such as a cream or serum is always needed to make Beauty Gold adhere to the skin.

For a full facial, four 8x8 cm leaves or a booklet of twelve 5x5 cm leaves are sufficient. Twelve 8x8 cm leaves are perfect for application onto the décolletage.

After thoroughly cleansing the skin, apply a layer of moisturising and nourishing cream and gently apply the gold leaf. Remove after 15 -20 minutes with a gentle massage. For particularly effective results, the pure gold leaf should be used along with the Rich Cream Base by Beauty Gold because of its exclusive anti-ageing formulation.


Cosmetic gold is an extraordinary ingredient to creams and treatments and gives the skin an unparalleled radiance. It is ideal for the manufacture of skincare products, like gels, oils and anti-aging creams, as well as for the manufacture of lipsticks, eyeshadows and other eye and face makeup. Cosmetic gold can also be added to beauty products such as serums, hairsprays and nail polishes.

Absolutely not. Gold is biologically inert. This means that it does not interact in any way with our organism. We recommend, however, that you purchase gold that is exclusively certified for cosmetic use and free of copper, which is a potentially harmful metal.

By reducing the thickness of gold until it is so thin that it is almost impalpable. In order to be used for cosmetic treatments, gold must be produced in accordance with stringent safety protocols and good practices, making it an absolutely reliable product when applied to the skin or for use in cosmetic body care products.

Gold leaf is produced using only pure 24kt gold. To obtain powder, crumbs and petals that have the right consistency, it is necessary to add a very small amount of silver. That’s why the crushed products are 23kt.


Not at all. For thousands of years, gold has been used to enhance the radiance of the skin, and it has also historically been an ingredient in make-up. Its first ante litteram testimonial was Cleopatra. Her skincare routine included a golden mask, which the queen of Egypt used overnight so that her famous beauty would remain intact. Even in ancient China and in imperial Rome gold was used in cosmetics for its curative virtues and as a beauty secret.

Yes, absolutely! Cosmetic gold is precious but quite easy to use. For face and body treatments, it is sufficient to handle the gold leaf delicately. While for make-up, all you need is the desire to experiment, and you can use tweezers or regular make-up brushes. To make the gold adhere well to the skin, we recommend pre-treating it with creams or serums.

Gold is biologically inert and therefore does not interfere with our organism. We recommend purchasing only certified cosmetic gold that is free of copper, a potentially harmful metal. All of the Beauty Gold products are processed without the use of copper and in compliance with the most stringent regulations.