Gold Face Mask


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A sheer and impalpable 24kt mask for a complete treatment and immediate facial radiance.

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2 pure gold leaf masks



24 karat facial Gold Mask

An ultra-thin, almost impalpable 24k gold mask for an all-in-one facial treatment that delivers instant radiance to the skin. Convenient, easy-to-use and remarkably effective, the Beauty Gold pure gold sheet face mask imparts renewed brilliance to the skin and is designed to pamper the entire face, in just a few simple steps.

After applying serum or cream, place the mask on the face and gently remove the tissue paper being careful not to tear the mask. Once it is applied to the skin, the gold acts in synergy with creams and serums to promote their complete and rapid absorption, increasing the efficacy of any type of treatment. The contour of the mask features openings at the eyes, nostrils and mouth to ensure a safe and enjoyable beauty experience. The product comes in a convenient pouch containing two ready-to-use masks designed for personal treatments or professional use in exclusive salons and spas.

How to apply the 24 karat gold mask to the face?

Follow these few simple steps: apply the treatment base (cream, serum or other product), place 24k gold face mask sheets on the face, ensuring good adhesion by pressing lightly on the edges. Peel off the tissue paper and leave the mask on for 10-20 minutes. Gently massage the skin to remove the gold leaf.

What are the benefits of the pure gold mask?

  • Antioxidant action: promotes the complete and rapid absorption of creams and serums
  • Exfoliating properties: boosts microcirculation
  • Radiant effect: leaves skin looking toned and re-energized

Beauty Gold is a guarantee of a safe and secure purchase

Made in Italy, in compliance with all Italian and European regulations, Beauty Gold treatments are 100% natural and hypoallergenic. They contain no PEGs, silicones, parabens or microplastics, and are not tested on animals. To order in large quantities for professional use or for retail sale, contact our experts to request a quote.