Facial and body treatments

Our tips for perfect application

How to use Beauty Gold for facial and body treatments

Gold leaf for cosmetic use is an excellent facial and body treatment enhancer.

Here are our tips for perfect application:

  1.  Cleanse the area you wish to treat, apply and evenly spread a suitable cream (or oil).
  2. Without waiting for it to be fully absorbed, apply the gold leaf directly onto skin, making sure it adheres to the treated area.
  3. Main for a few minutes for the cream to fully absorb then massage to effortlessly remove the gold from skin and activate a light and highly delicate exfoliating action.
  4. It is advised that you leave any small gold particles on which remain after treatment. Their sparkle will add a magical touch.
  5. If you prefer to remove them, simply use a cloth with a few drops of oil for skin.

Gold leaf can be used whole, cut into desired shape and size or pre-shaped (facial masks and crescents for eye contours).

The treatment owes its effectiveness to the intrinsic nature of gold which when applied to the treated area, acts as a barrier, accelerating the absorption of creams and serums while preventing the oxidation of active ingredients when exposed to air. The same goes for the light, end-of-treatment scrub: the nature of the mineral and its decomposition into microparticles means that it cleanses skin without irritating it, while enriching it with magnificent radiance.