Facial and body treatments

Our tips for perfect application

How to use Beauty Gold for facial and body treatments

Cosmetic gold leaf enhances face and body treatments. Thanks to its antioxidant action, it promotes a complete and rapid absorption of creams and serums, optimizing their effectiveness.

The procedure for applying and removing cosmetic gold leaf is quick and simple.  However, the product should be handled and applied with care as it is extremely thin and delicate.

Beauty Gold tips for perfect application

How to apply cosmetic gold leaf to the body?

  1. After cleansing the area to be treated, apply a cream or oil suited to the specific skin type, spreading it in a thin uniform layer.
  2. Without waiting for it to be completely absorbed, immediately apply the gold leaves directly to the skin. Ensure that they adhere well over the entire area by using the fingers to apply light pressure to the tissue paper, and then gently remove the paper layer.
  3. Leave the gold leaf in place for 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the cream or oil base used. Complete the treatment by massaging the gold leaf so that it penetrates into the cream: the gold will effortlessly detach from the skin, activating a light and very delicate exfoliating action which will give the skin an energized and radiant appearance.
  4. We recommend leaving any residual gold particles that remain on the skin after the treatment. Their sparkle will add a magical touch.
  5. If you prefer to remove them, simply use a cloth with a few drops of skin oil.
  6.  Gold leaf can be used in its entirety or cut into the desired size or shape. They also come in pre-cut shapes (gold facial masks or crescents for the eye contours).

Why is cosmetic gold leaf good for the skin?

The treatment owes its effectiveness to the very nature of gold which– once applied on the area to be treated – acts as a protective barrier, accelerating the absorption of creams and serums and preventing the oxidation of active ingredients when exposed to the air.

The same is true for the gentle end-of-treatment scrub. Due to the nature of this precious mineral and its decomposition into microparticles, it deeply cleanses without irritation, promoting microcirculation and giving your skin a magnificent radiance.

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