Cosmetic gold leaf for hairstyling

Gold hairsprays, leaves, and flakes create dreamy hairstyles at the Eleonora Lastrucci event

Hairstyles with cosmetic gold conquer high fashion

We are seeing models wearing gold in their hair with growing frequency on the most exclusive red carpets and haute-couture catwalks. Gold for hair is the true global rising star of the most luxurious hairstyles. A wonderful example of this is designer Eleonora Lastrucci’s haute-couture runway show, which was just in held in Prato, Tuscany. With the unique skills of hair-specialist Frank Giacone, the models’ golden tresses were adorned to follow the lines of Eleonora Lastrucci’s dresses. This skilful interweaving of the arts brought to life a fairy-tale beauty that pleasantly surprised everyone in attendance.

Gold spray for hair

For this occasion, Beauty Gold officially launched the latest product created by our Research & Development department: a gold spray. Gold spray is perfect for final touches that give off beautiful iridescent textures. It was designed to be very easy to apply. Simply shake the bottle well and spray the gold onto the hair with light pressure for instant golden results. Free from chemical substances, our Beauty Gold spray is made exclusively from 200 mg of 23K cosmetic gold and contains no additives, solvents or colourings. It is easily applied to the hair with hairspray or gel.

The 24k and 23k cosmetic gold product line for hairstyling

With this latest innovation, Beauty Gold now has the perfect product line for hair professionals:

  • 23K gold leaves
  • 23K gold petals
  • 23K gold spray

Each format can be used alone or combined with others of your choice to create all kinds of spectacular hairstyles. The gold leaf, used whole or cut, is perfect for achieving a sumptuous look and decorating large areas of hair in a single stroke. The gold petals, on the other hand, are especially suited for luminescent hair that has a myriad of golden sparkles, either diffused or concentrated in one section. Both the leaves and the flakes are very easy to apply, using only a bit of gel a thin layer of hairspray.  100% Made in Italy, produced exclusively in our premises in Florence in full compliance with the strictest safety protocols and not tested on animals, cosmetic gold for hair is ready to win your hearts!