For make-up

Our tips for surprising and impeccable make-up

For make-up

Our tips for surprising and impeccable make-up

How to use gold and silver leaf for makeup

Our tips for stunning and flawless makeup

Gold and silver dust, glitter and flakes are the most exclusive solution for embellishing the face, hair and nails to create stunning special effects. Beauty Gold products are the ideal choice for luminous and refined makeup looks and are all-natural and completely hypoallergenic.

Where gold leaf be applied?

  • On the face, even on sensitive areas, like the eyelids
  • On the lips, to add a touch of sparkle
  • On the hair, whether curly, straight or wavy, for an original style that will make hair shimmer and shine
  • On the nails, with nail polish to make every gesture precious
  • On the body, to create body art designs.

How to apply?

For face makeup, simply prep the skin with a good primer or foundation and use a brush to apply dust, or tweezers for glitter and petals.

To add a luxurious touch to a hairstyle, simply pre-treat hair with hairspray or gel and apply flakes and glitter with tweezers. For an all-over dramatic effect, use a special glitter hairspray.

To embellish nails, simply brush on a base coat, apply dust, glitter or flakes and finish off with a transparent top coat

Finally, to apply precious metal leaves to the body, start by using a moisturizing cream on the area to be treated and then apply the gold and silver leaf.

Gold goes with everything

Gold-infused makeup will elevate any outfit, whether evening, casual or formal, for a sparkling look.  Gold enhances and illuminates different shades of color, particularly blues, which in ancient times were associated with the rich and divine, but also neutral tones (white, black and gray) and stronger hues like mauve or green. It also goes well with shiny fabrics (like silk satin) or opaque fabrics (like cotton).

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